Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thing #6 Mash Ups and Third Party Sites

Ohh!! The things I can do. What amazing applications for the classroom. I will definately use the applications from mash ups. I especially liked the mappr and the moasic maker to use for teacher created materials. I even created my own trading card for my family. Creating trading cards for classroom use will be a wonderful way to reinforce community involvement as well as reinforce vocabulary and concepts. I can tell that I am going to need a more comfortable chair next to my computer...I have a lot of exciting creating to do for my classroom. This is the part of teaching that I love.

Thing #5 Exploring Flicker

What a great resource! I also found that I could spend hours searching through the site and enjoying the photos that people are so graciously sharing. I have already tagged quite a few photos that I would like to incorporate into classroom lessons. I plan to use this one when teaching the water cycle, I am very anxious to set up my own group to share photos with my family members who live in other states.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Things 1-4

Thing #4 I'm Registered
Wow...I am a real blogger now! I can't believe how easy it was and how long it took me to get involved in this activity. Thanks 23Things!!

Thing # 3 Creating an Avatar
Ok...that was just about one of the coolest things I have done on the computer. All right I may be easily amused. Well I thought I was so cool until my 11 year old told that she has had an Avatar for about three years. Once again...I am an immigrant in a nation of technology. Who creates this stuff...truly a reason for teachers to know what students are able to do on the computer.

Thing #2 Life Long Learners
Life long learners...hmmm what that means to one person means something totally different to another. My personal belief is that learning is as important as breathing. It is what shapes us and our communities. As life long learners we grow and impact the world around us as it continuously impacts us. The world of technology is the perfect example of a life and learning example..if your not willing to learn and grow along with it you may get lost in the dust.

Thing #1- I am very excited to be participating in the Summer 23 things activity.I am truely an immigrant to technology. I am excited to find out about the technology that is the daily life of my own children as well as those that I teach. The truely wonderful thing about being a teacher is all the learning that we embrace as we prepare to teach the next generation.

Welcome to my blog!

Do you sometimes feel like your in a game of tag and someone has just pronounced that you are it? And by it I mean the teacher. I love teaching and the ever changing challenges, To me it seems like an ongoing game of tag.